A Computer’s Mind

When encountered with a computer for the first time, everyone has their misgivings and doubts of their possible proficiency in their use of the device.

Well, one thing that always people overlook is that a computer, no matter how awesome popular culture makes it look, is just a machine. And like all good machines, it has to follow certain instructions which we the users have to provide it. Self-awareness and thinking of a computer is not yet a reality, however if it ever does, then I am sure everyone will call that computer Skynet!

I started my foray into computer relatively late. I started actual coding in my 12th i.e. when I was 17. But because I realized the aforementioned fact very early on, I was able to start thinking like a programmer and thus develop my skills at a rate at which I myself am surprised at. So please get it very clear that the computer is a slave and you are the master, not the other way around.

Next thing which a lot of people overlook is simple planning and logical thinking. Everything someone does in their life makes complete sense to them at that point of time with half a mind on the repercussions. And that is the key to becoming a good writer of powerful computer programs. Everything you code should make absolute sense to you and anyone else who reads it, all the while keeping in mind the main objective you are trying to achieve. This leads us to the aspect of algorithm development and logic. An algorithm (or ‘algo’ for short) is a finite sequence of logical steps which carry out some operation or achieve some objective. Having a crisp understanding of how your program will work will allow you to design better algorithms and thus make writing code a piece of cake. Initially daunting, but with a good amount of practice, you will soon be able to write algorithms off the top of your head.

Now all this may seem over-whelming at first, but there is a trick to all this. HAVE FUN! Yes, enjoy writing programs no matter how small or simple. Get together with friends and have some friendly competition on who can write the best code. This definitely sounds geeky and you may be thinking that none of your friends will be interested in such things. No problem! Find some people who are as interested in comps as you are and just spend some time with them. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn by just sitting for half-an-hour with them.

And finally we come to logic. This is nothing but the sense that something feels right. Another valuable trait to possess if you wish to be part of the computing world, this can be very easily developed on your own by solving simple puzzles like the ones from Mensa.

Now that you have begun your journey to this marvelous place, all you have to do is maintain your interest in it and never worry about being called a nerd or think that the topic is too tough. After-all, later, when others will have trouble booting up their systems, you’ll be updating your Facebook status after having finished all your work in the least amount if time possible.


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