My New Research

I have always loved video games. They are one of the prime reasons why I decided to enroll into Computer Science and Engineering. That love led me to discover Computer Graphics and Human Computer Interaction. Now my proposed research will be on “The Effectiveness of Video Games in Education and Everyday Work”.

Using this research project, I aim to find out whether video game integration into real life situations and scenarios leads to greater throughput considering the game is directed accordingly. It may open up various avenues for HCI research and may introduce a new paradigm in application development.

For this, technologies used will be:

1)C++ and OpenGL graphics library.

2) Java

Also, I hope to make headway into Mobile Computing by targeting the games to be playable at any time of the day on one’s cell phone.

Anyone interested in conducting this research with me is gladly welcomed and requested to contact me through the comments section.

Let’s see how it goes!


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