Routing Squirrel Mail Inbox Messages To Your Preferred Inbox

My college provides each student with their unique email id based on their roll number and department. This id gives each student access to a web-email inbox on the college server which can then be used to send official academic related mail to various professors and institutions. And since this is from a premier academic institution, mail sent from here will definitely be allowed through all the spam filters being set up in the world.

Now the main problem with the mail client is that the inbox storage is only a meagre 4.8MB not to mention that the user-interface is not exactly very pleasing. While the later problem can be easily rectified, many of us would like greater inbox storage or atleast knowledge of low storage memory so that we can take remedial measures to ensure that all important internship mail doesn’t bounce.

I ask you, how many of you actually check your college mail-id regularly, forget about using it primarily? With the ridiculously vast amount of services provided by mainstream email services like Google and Yahoo, we tend to neglect the eye-stinging college inbox. SO, here is a way to re-route the mail from your college inbox to your preferred inbox so you get the best of both worlds:

  • Log into your college mail-id.
  • Click on the ‘Options’ link on the top.
  • Click on Account Administration on the right side of the presented options.
  • Input your password and login.
  • In the option of Routing, select the radio-box: Forward To:
  • Add the email id you wish to receive the mail on.
  • Check the “Save A Copy” box.
  • Click the “Modify User” button at the bottom.
  • Log-out and log-in again and enjoy!!

For Gmail users there is another option, but it has some issues with support. Plus, the above method can be used by any email provider account. 


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