Well, first things first: This is not a method to create your own torch! I can understand the confusion with all the recent black-outs and power trips in the hostel.

What LAMP is, is given by its full-form: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. So basically this is a platform on linux for easy set-up of a web-server, with all the files in one place!! NICE (Especially considering all the recent interest in web-development by people in my college)!

L is for Linux, so yes, this method is for your linux distributions (specifically Ubuntu). Here we go:

  1. First open a terminal and type “sudo apt-get install lamp-server^” to install the LAMP server.
  2. When prompted, enter a password that will become your MySQL root password.
  3. When done, type at the terminal “sudo vi /var/www/info.php“. This is to open the default info file in PHP which is stored on your LAMP server.
  4. Put in the following lines:  <?php phpinfo(); ?> and save & close the file.
  5. Restart Apache with the following command: sudo etc/init.d/apache2 restart.
  6. And finally check if your server is running by opening your favourite web-browser and typing in the address bar : localhost/info.php. If a page opens with the PHP logo at the top, congratulations! Your server platform is ready to go!!

And now you can begin your much awaited web-development! 🙂

For more info, here are some links: http://goo.gl/in4Dx, http://goo.gl/JMEsj. They also explain how to install phpmyadmin to have complete control over your LAMP server.

Codifica Felice!


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