Quest Impressions

Finished with the ACM Chapter’s Annual techfest Quest last week and am pretty proud of how it went.

Considering it was scheduled parallel with my college’s Autumnfest, we had hoped that the Autumnfest mania would help Quest flourish. But alas, the weekend on schedule was a 4 day weekend with Dussehra playing the spoilsport.

So what if the student turnout wasn’t as tremendous as we expected? There was a decent crowd for each event and we received rave reviews for the type of innovative events we came up with. Especially impressionable on people’s minds was the MFQ quiz, which literally stands for “Mind F@!#ing Questions”, with a combination of questions from mathematical logic as well as crazy C programming.

The maths logic part really gave some insightful, if not humorous, details about how people think, and especially fun was the way people reacted on finding out the correct answers.

Nimit’s Cryptathlon also had strong participation and had people tongue-twisted with various crypto techniques. And lest I forget, Arth managed Code Wars in a surreal manner, paving the way for further growth of this event modeled on the  world famous TopCoder format.

The last but not least event was the fantabulastic talk by Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan. She discussed not only her research in location-based services, but gave us valuable and indispensable  advice on Intellectual Property Rights (which is the least understood Right in India) and life in general. The best part was the committee interacting with her over lunch and getting to know the woman and teacher rather than the computer scientist. Of course, having ex-chairman, Sandip Dev there alongwith us just tripled the fun quotient.

As a parting note, I would just like to say that after Quest,the grievance committee minutes were passed and within the week we should get permission for Linux login to all department machines as well as the complete removal of the development hindering Turbo C compiler. 😀



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