TCP/IP Stack Work: Connection But No Internet

Has it sometimes happened to you that you try to connect to a site, get an unable-to-load message and after checking everything, still end up with the same problem?

If the ans is yes, then welcome to the club! 🙂 The above particular problem happened to me when I had gone to Noida for Formula 1 and was staying over at my cousin’s place.

Now they have amazing net! My uncle is an engineer by profession and a Techno-freak by obsession. That’s what led him to install an unlimited 4 Mbps plan in his house, just so he could enjoy the full freedom of  the World Wide Web (He’s also a Mac user, if you were wondering).

So there I am, trying in vain to connect to the net so I can get some work done, but pages are unable to load. My connection status is showing connected, net is working on my cousin’s machine, Chrome AND Firefox have the same problem, rebooting doesn’t do a darn thing! What in the world is going on??

And so I did what any self-respecting computer engineer would do: I asked Google.

Turns out, my TCP/IP stack was garbled up and resetting it would be the ideal solution. Thankfully, there is no data loss of any kind in this process as you are just resetting the protocols that deal with Computer Networks rather than the data being transmitted. 😀

These are the commands I used: netsh int ip reset C:\netsh.log.txt
                                                                   netsh winsock reset 

This uses a tool called Network Shell available in Windows (if this was Linux, I wouldn’t be having this problem in the first place :-P) and it simply resets the TCP/IP stack using the netsh.log file as a reference and then resets the WinSock API so that the Windows Programs continue working normally with the reset. Consider the second line as telling Windows that “Hey, I just reset the TCP/IP stack, so you better make sure you are compatible as well”.

And there you go! Problem solved. A similar trick in Linux is to use the following command in a terminal: service networking restart



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