Arch-ing In

Alright, so I had an interesting day yesterday:

  • Opened my newly won laptop.
  • Booted Arch Linux from a USB Flash drive.
  • Setup wi-fi connectivity via terminal.
  • Installed the whole damn thing from a terminal (no GUI whatsoever!).
  • Did something dumb.
  • Erased the Window EFI System partition and hence the entry from the bootloader as a consequence of doing something dumb.
  • Managed to install an intermediate bootloader – Gummiboot (nice name).
  • Couldn’t boot into Windows at all.
  • Did a network boot to recover the Windows bootloader. May have to reinstall Gummiboot now.

So yeah, overall, a day of epic hacking around with some pretty cool learnings, such as how to manually set up mount points, create partition layouts, how the EFI bootloader works and why is it better than MBR and loads of other things.


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